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A number of buses are plied by MSRTC that starts from the basic buses to the fully luxury air-conditioned buses that meets out the requirements of public. Some of the bus services that are being provided by MSRTC are as follows:

Ordinary: This is the ordinary service of bus that is being provided by MSRTC. The color of the buses is red livery. This bus service connects the areas of entire Maharashtra. Even the smallest towns are also covered by this bus service despite of the revenue and the road conditions. The main target of this bus service of MSRTC is to provide facility to the remote area people rather than making profit. The fair of these buses are very affordable for common man and number of discounts are available for the people who are senior citizens, war widows, students, freedom fighters etc. This is one of the best example of the service provided to the public and has been serving since many years

Parivartan: The meaning of this word Parivartan means change in Marathi language. This can be considered as the slight change in the face of the ordinary bus service of MSRTC. This attempt has been done by MSRTC for providing confortable transportation facility to the common people. There is the arrangement of 2X2 seats and the people can sit with much confort. Gradually all the red line buses are being replaced by these buses and are changing the perception of normal public regarding the ordinary bus services. The fare charges of Parivartan buses are similar to that of the ordinary buses and the discounts and concessions are same as that of the ordinary buses.

Asiad: In 1982 for the first time the luxurious buses were launched for carrying the players of the Asiad games and these buses has formed and unavoidable source of intercity transport for the people of Maharashtra.  In the semi-luxury bus of Asiad, facilities given are 2 x 2 seating and air condition.  In year 1982, former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi has inaugurated the service of Asiad.  This is the first service of bus built by the government that is operated service of bus owned providing class comfort during journey.  After that time, these white and green beautiful buses were taken over by the MSRTC covered with a blue band and traveled on a route of well paid Dadar-Pune sector and got an amazing response. More of the Asiad buses were produced from the workshops and MSRTC started the service of Asiad buses on this route.  Later on, the service of Asiad buses were also started on other sectors.  At the present time, there is good service of Asiad buses in the cities of Maharashtra. With the purple color along with the shiny white paint, modification of the Asiad livery taken place in year 2010.  The popular route of the Asiad bus service are: Miraj-Nashik, Tasgaon-Pune, Dadar-PUne, Nasik-Mumbai, Thane-PUne, Aurangabad-Pune, Kolhapur-Pune, Sangali-Pune Station, and Satara-Mumbai. The time taken on this route by the buses are about 15 minutes to 1 hour per day.

Shivneri: this is considered to be the another example of the service. MSRTC has started the airconditioned Shivneri bus service among the major cities. World class light blue B7R buses of Volvo has provided the service in most of the areas. These Volvo bus services are activated on the route of Dadar-Pune and Shivneri buses were also activated on selected routes by the MSRTC. Shivneri buses were activated on the following different routes under the service of MSRTC such as 1. Pune (Swargate), 2. Nagpur (Ganeshpeth CBS) - Hyderabad (JBS, MGBS), 3. Kolhapur - Pune (Swargate), 4. Nagpur (Ganeshpeth CBS) – Pune, 5. Nanded - Pune (Shivaji nagar), 6. Jalgaon - Pune (Shivaji nagar), 7. Pune (Swargate) – Bangalore, 8. Mumbai (Mumbai Central) – Hyderabad, 9. Mumbai (Mumbai Central) - Panjim (Goa), 10. Mumbai (Borivali) – Shirdi, 11. Nashik - Pune (Shivaji nagar), 12. Sangli - Pune Station, 13. Thane - Pune (Swargate), 14. Aurangabad - Pune (Shivaji nagar), 15. Borivali (Mumbai) - Pune (Swargate), and 16. Dadar (Mumbai) - Pune (Pune Station). There is planning of long route covering also such as Mumbai - Bangalore, Nagpur - Aurangabad, etc.

Sheetal: This bus service is the latest one in the service operated in the list of MSRTC.  This bus includes 2 x 2 sitting arrangement, semi-luxury, and air conditioned bus. The price cost of this bus is more than the cost of Asiad buses but lower than the cost of Shivneri bus.  This bus service is only activated on the route of Dadaqr-Pune station by 2010, but later on more routes will be including in this service like Pune - Nasik, Pune - Aurangabad, etc.

MSRTC City-Bus: MSRTC also providing the bus service of intracity and semi-urban in the small and mid towns where the service of transportation is very low.

MSRTC Daily Conducted Tours: On the daily basis, Asiad buses also activated on the various destinations for tourists like Daulataqbad, Ajanta, and Ellora etc.  The main route on daily basis by this bus are Tour 1: Aurangabad CBS to Ajanta Caves, Pan-Chakki, and Bibi-Ka-Muqbara and then again back to CBS tour or Aurangabad. Tour 2: Pan-Chakki and CBS Aurungabad, Bibi-Ka-Muqbara, Aurangabad CBS to the caves of Ellora, and Daulatabad fort etc.

Yatra (Festivity Services): In the season of festivals, various services were provided by the buses in Maharashtra.

Parcel Courier Service: The buses were also used for various courier services and shipping cargo service by the MSRTC.

Tourism Packages: Tour packages were also provided by the MSRTC along with the routine service. One can take the ticket or book the ticket for the places of tourism in the Maharashtra. Every district has group of buses.